Tickets for Metamoris
September 27, 2012

Hey everyone, we know you're excited for the Metamoris event-- we are too!  We went through our first sixty tickets very quickly, but don't worry, we've ordered forty more. Make sure you've put down your name at the Academy if you're interested in getting tickets to watch Professor Galvao fight at the Metamoris event!

Here is the information for the event:


SDSU, San DiegoCA 92182

SunOct 14, 2012 03:00 PM

We hope to see you there! If you can't make it, you can always watch the event via live streaming on the Metamoris website.

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metamoris tickets
metamoris invitational

Gracie Mag Photo Shoot
September 25, 2012

Yesterday Professor Galvao had a photoshoot on the beach with Gracie Mag.  


It was a fun but busy day-- did some training and some positions.  Professor Galvao is training hard for the Metamoris event!

long beach

Visited Werdum on Friday!
September 24, 2012

Professor Galvao visited his affiliate, Werdum Combat Team, in Long Beach on Thursday!  We had a great training session, the guys up there are so strong!  After that, Professor Galvao left for West Viriginia where he gave a seminar. Today, he had a photoshoot for Gracie Mag. It's been a busy few weeks, and the next few weeks will also be busy leading up to the Metamoris event.  Make sure you've got your tickets, and come in for training!



Jakob and Michal from WROXGYM GALVAO Poland took two gold medals in the NO PROBLEM CUP; Jakob won four fights and Michal won two. We are so proud to have you as part of the Atos/Andre Galvao family!   Great work, guys!!


Tomorrow at 6pm, Professor Galvao will be giving a special class at Werdum Training Center, one of his affiliates. If you're interested in participating in the class and you are not a member of WTC, feel free to contact the people at Werdum regarding pricing and availability.

Andre Galvao


Our Masters and Seniors camp is going really well. The guys are training so hard!  This morning we did so many drills and a hard conditioning workout.  First, we learned two sweeps from hooks guard, and drilled it twenty times each.  After that, we did a lot of short training sessions. For the first four rounds of three minutes, we did a small competition!  If you were a higher belt than your opponent, you had to submit them twice. If you were the same belt, you had to submit them once.  If you lost, you had to do burpees. It was really good training. We do this to practice going hard for the submission! After that, we did four more rounds of three minutes, normal sparring.


Finally, we got to the strength and conditioning. We did a lot of agility drills with the cones, and then we finished with squat/tuck jumps. The last thing we did was abs.  It was good training, but hard.  Keep up the great work, guys!

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IBJJF masters worlds
IBJJF seniors worlds
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Seminar in Martinsville!
September 18, 2012

Hey guys, I will be holding a seminar in Martinsville, IN on October 27th!  Contact the guys at Small Axe Jiu Jitsu for more information: 756.342.5600


Hope to see you there!

small axe jiu jitsu


Today in the Masters and Seniors Worlds Camp we worked on toreando drills!  We did a lot of drills: first just the toreando pass, then to knee-on-belly, then switching sides; after that we did the toreando pass, knee-on-belly, and taking the back.  Each person did two minutes on top and two on bottom.  It was a long drilling session!

After that, we got into groups of three and each person stayed in the middle for two and a half minutes. Finally, everyone did at least four rounds of seven minutes regular sparring.

Our Masters and Seniors are getting so strong, they are going to do so well at Worlds this year!

worlds training camp
IBJJF worlds


Here at the Galvao Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, we're excited for Andre's upcoming superfight against Ryron Gracie. Andre has been training hard with Steve Nave at Suples Gym at Atos. He is working particularly hard on his grips, as the fight will be twenty minutes long, and submission only. Everyone should come in and take advantage of the great resources we have at the Academy-- gaining strength can only make you a better fighter!

gracie v. galvao
gracie vs. galvao
october 14th superfight



We had more than ten people competing at Nationals this weekend under the Atos banner! Everyone did really well.  We’ve been having great success in competition lately; this weekend, we took home more than ten gold medals.  Being part of the Atos family is definitely something to take pride in.

In the blue belt featherweight division, Manny Martinez and Rolando Samson closed the division and took silver and gold, respectively. Another Atos fighter, Jonathon Naranjo, unfortunately faced Rolando in the first round of the weight category fights.  We have the best featherweight blue belts in the USA—these are the people you train with every day!  Be sure you congratulate them when you see them.


Our purple belts did similarly well.  Mike Carbullido won the heavyweight weight category with a number of exciting fights. Michael Liera Jr. took gold in lightweight, while John Meno took third, losing a close fight in the semifinals. Mike Carbullido and Mike Liera closed out the absolute division in purple belt.  Glen Heagney made the trek up to LA, but promptly scared off all his opponents, and unfortunately didn’t have any fights.  It seems to be a trend, but everyone should be excited: Atos has the best purple belts in America, and everyone should be proud to train with them.



In his first brown belt competition, Jeremy Ferebee took second in the light featherweight weight category, losing in a tough finals match.  Brian Morizi placed third in the brown belt middleweight division, while Leo Davila placed third in the medium-heavy black belt division. Everyone fought very well.  This was the last big gi tournament before No-Gi Worlds and ADCC, so great work!


We had a few guys compete on day two as well. Manny and Rolando closed out the blue belt featherweight division again, with Leo Davila fighting extremely well in the black belt heavyweight division.


Our team is strong, and it can only get stronger. Let's get ready for No-Gi Worlds, Masters/Seniors Worlds, and ADCC Trials!

USBJJF nationals
Atos jiu jitsu


Michael Liera Jr. “Training with Andre Galvao has made a huge impact on my life”


A student- instructor bond can almost be father-like. Andre Galvao agrees that it is extremely important to have a strong bond with your students. “This is the main thing,” Andre says, “we talk sometimes about everything. He (Michael Liera) is a great kid, very focus and responsible, I treat him like my student/friend and family. If he wins I win also, but if he loses I feel more than him for it, that is how close we are”. Andre is known for being very passionate about his students, as well as being a top level competitor himself. Obviously it’s paying off. Michael Liera Jr., being the 2011 blue belt world champion, went into the year’s competitions as a fresh purple belt taking the gold at the Pan Jiu Jitsu championships, and placing 3rd at this year’s world championships due to a loss in a controversial match. In the semi-final match Michael was submitted by a knee bar while knee bars are illegal for purple belts! We can expect to see more great things from Michael Liera in the future, check out this interview with Michael and learn a little more about one of Jiu-Jitsu’s up and comers! 


How was your preparation for this year’s worlds training with atos?

The Atos training camp for the world championships this year was amazing. We had a very talented group of people come together at the Atos San Diego including the Mendes bros, Claudio Calasans, Bruno Frazatto, Roberto Satoshi, Davi Ramos and many others. I felt very lucky to train with all of these guys! Also a big part of my preparations for this year’s worlds was my professor, Andre Galvao, he made me stronger than ever for the competition this year. 


How has training with Andre Galvao impacted your training? What does your training regimen look like? 
Training with Andre Galvao has made a huge impact on my life. When I first came to Andre he showed me how to live as a professional athlete all the way from when I wake up in the morning to when I go to sleep at night. Andre showed me the importance of dieting, strength and conditioning, and keeping a strong mind alongside hard Jiu Jitsu training. At Atos I train from 10am-12pm doing drills and sparring, from 12pm-2pm we have our competition team class where our focus is on the competitions, and then at 4pm we usually either do a strength and conditioning work out or a drilling session, and then we finish our day with the night class from 6pm-7:45pm

How was the transition from the blue belt to the purple belt? 
The change from blue belt to purple belt was fairly easy for me. I felt that competing as much as I could after getting promoted helped me get used to the level of guys in the tournaments. The first few tournaments I had in the purple belt divisions were definitely a shock to me though, the guys are much tougher. 

In your semi final fight at the worlds, your opponent submitted you with a knee bar! Aren’t those illegal for purple belts? Was it a thought in your mind to fight the ref’s decision? Why didn’t you try and fight the call? 
Yes! Haha they are illegal. When my opponent first attacked the knee bar and the ref stopped the fight, I thought he was stopping it to disqualify the guy. When we stood up he raised the other guy’s hand giving him the win. I was so shocked I could not even think correctly! I could not believe what had happened because I knew after the referee raised his hand there was nothing that could have been done. After the tournament I did the best thing possible and went straight back to training and hopefully I’ll have better luck next year! 

What does the rest of this year look like to you? What are your plans for the end of 2012 and starting 2013?
I want to compete at the No-Gi worlds and the ADCC trials here in San Diego this year. And early next year I would like to compete in the European Open. 

Would you like to give any shout outs to anyone? 
I’d like to thank my team Atos Jiu Jitsu and my family for supporting my pursuit of my dreams. I’d also like to thank Shoyoroll,, and for being the best sponsors in the world! Thank you Bjj Rally for the interview!    


***interview from august 2012 by

andre galvao student
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Três vezes campeão mundial de jiu-jítsu e atual campeão do ADCC 2011, no peso e no absoluto. Sabem quem é a fera? Estamos falando do brasileiro André Galvão, que reside há dois anos no EUA e prepara-se para o Metamoris Pro Jiu-Jitsu Invitational, que acontece no dia 14 de outubro em San Diego, na Califórnia, onde enfrentará Ryron Gracie, o filho de Rorion Gracie. Em entrevista ao ‘Vai Encarar’, o lutador fala como foi a volta as competições, as dificuldades enfrentadas e de planos futuros no MMA.

Depois de algum tempo fora das competições de sub e jiu-jítsu, o que representou para você ganhar o ADCC 2011

Foi muito bom. Eu sempre falava em minhas entrevistas que era o título que faltava para mim na minha carreira como lutador de jiu-jitsu. Deus me presenteou com o peso e o absoluto. Foi ótimo … Muito bom mesmo. E isso representa muito para mim, ano que vem estrarei pronto para a Super Luta.

O que te motivou a lutar? E como foi essa volta, quais foram suas maiores dificuldades?

Eu sempre fui muito dedicado, sempre acreditei em mim. Fora isso teve a motivação oriunda da paixão que tenho pelo jiu-jítsu, meus alunos, minha família, minha esposa e minha filha. Sempre dou 100% na minha preparação, mas enfrentei vários tipos de dificuldades, quase não fui porque não tinha os meu papéis prontos nos Estados Unidos (EUA). Pois moro aqui e estava esperando o governo me mandar os papéis autorizando a ir e isso chegou faltando umas três semanas para o campeonato. Fora que já fui deportado da Inglaterra uma vez em 2009 e achava que nunca conseguiria entrar lá, mas Deus permitiu e eu entrei e levei tudo para casa (risos).

 Como foram os treinos?

Foram muito intensos, bastante fortes, tanto é que às vezes eu pensava qual era o porquê de eu estar treinando tanto se talvez eu não pudesse entrar. Mas aí eu apagava isso da minha mente e continuava no foco.

Você tem um nome consolidado no jiu-jitsu, o que te fez migrar para o MMA?

Eu sempre tive vontade de lutar MMA, sempre gostei disso e tenho o sonho de conquistar um cinturão. Quero ser campeão mundial de MMA e isso será o meu objetivo. No momento eu estava somente cuidando do meu futuro que é a minha academia, o jiu-jítsu é para sempre.

Qual o motivo de ir morar em outro país?

Eu estava treinando no Brasil com a Tem Nogueira, no Recreio-RJ, estava bem feliz com os treinos , porém , eu estava passando por dificuldades financeiras e o custo de vida estava muito alto. Então precisei pensar na minha família e no meu futuro, e não somente em mim. Foi então que apareceu uma oportunidade nos EUA para ter uma academia 100% minha. Eu fui e comecei um trabalho que já dura dois anos, é um sucesso e estamos super felizes. Infelizmente no Brasil eu não teria esta chance que tenho nos EUA, isso no sentido de ter a minha academia e conseguir uma boa renda com ela. Por isso fiz esta escolha e não me arrependo nenhum um pouco. Só sinto falta dos meus treinos com a galera da Team Nogueira.

Você tem um cartel de cinco vitórias e apenas duas derrotas, porém, após a derrota para Tyron Woodley, você parou com as competições de MMA, você ainda pretende voltar?

Sim, com certeza… Eu estava totalmente despreparado para aquela luta. Ele é um excelente lutador, mas eu não estava nem a 30% da minha capacidade, peguei a luta de última hora e estava com a academia abrindo nos EUA, fora que estava sem a minha família. Mas já foi, já passou, e eu quero sim voltar, agora está tudo certo, minha vida está estável e comecei a treinar novamente para isso.

Caso volte, você pretende migrar para o UFC?

O UFC é com certeza o meu principal objetivo.

 Como estão seus treinamentos? Qual sua rotina?

Eu treino o dia inteiro. De manhã é a parte física e ao meio dia o treino de competição Descanso um pouco e à noite treino novamente. Isso tudo é de segunda à sexta, já no sábado treino somente de manhã.

Na sua opinião, quais são as artes marciais básicas que um lutador de MMA deve dominar?

Jiu-jítsu, boxe e wrestling, essas são as principais. Sem isso não tem como.


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More Than Fighting
September 8, 2012

More than Fighting 

Brazilian jiujitsu offers Mental, physical exercise


While the popularity of mixed martial arts has put a focus on the various types of martial arts, learning the disciplines is much more than about fighting.

Timothy Sledd, who has opened a Brazilian jiu jitsu studio downtown, puts the emphasis on three things for his students: Have fun, learn and get good exercise.

“Those are my three levels of success. If all three of those aren’t met by 100 percent of the class, I haven’t done my job,” added Sledd who began studying the martial art form in 1998 and received his black belt in 2011.

Small Axe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sledd’s studio, offers only Brazilian jiu jitsu, which focuses on grappling techniques and submission holds, differing from the other martial arts such as tae kwon do and hapkido.

The premise of the art is to defend oneself and force an end to the match as quickly as possible with a submission, Sledd added. The concept is that mastering these moves levels the playing ground for people of different sizes.

To learn and become adept in these moves requires a high level of training that will increase the student’s agility, flexibility and general physical fitness, Sledd said.

“I’ve seen a lot of guys lose 100 pounds just training in Brazilian jiu jitsu,” he added.

But Sledd added that his curriculum puts the focus on much more than the physical portion of the martial art.

One beauty of Brazilian jiu jitsu is it requires as much mental toughness as physical toughness.

“It’s often referred to as human chess,” Sledd said.

Sledd offers classes for all ages and experience levels, beginning at age 6.

For the youngest age group, Mat Monsters, ages 6-9, Sledd teaches one self-defense move a lesson that would derive from a real situation such as a bully or a possible abductor.

Also, he puts the youngsters through a 45-minute workout that includes exercises that focus on moves that are incorporated into Brazilian jiu jitsu. Also, the class includes some Ginastica Natural, which is strength exercises using the body’s weight, and stretching and breathing techniques.

The youth class, ages 9 to 12, works to make students stronger, more agile and flexible and begins introducing them to techniques that will be studied more in-depth in the level one and two classes.

Level two classes are “geared to linking techniques in a strategy. Drills are used to sharpen the techniques and sparring.”

But Sledd emphasized there is a place in his classes for a student of any skill or desire, whether it be to compete or just learn the discipline.

“Somebody who is out of shape can ease his way into it,” Sledd said.


Small Axe Jiu Jitsu Bedford

Location: 815 16th St.

About: Small Axe Jiu Jitsu Bedford opened this month. There is a Small Axe Jiu Jitsu location in Martinsville.

Founder, head instructor: Timothy Sledd, who is Lawrence County deputy prosecutor

Motivation: Students are encouraged to challenge themselves physically and mentally honing and developing their character along the way.

Levels: Mat Monsters (ages 6-9); Youths (ages 9-12); and Levels One and Two.

Class days: Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Cost: Varies, depending on commitment. Single sessions up through a year are available. The longer commitment, the cheaper the price.

About the name: A small axe can fall a big tree.

About Brazilian jiu jitsu: A self-defense martial art that puts the focus on grappling and submission holds. Sledd said of jiu jitsu “no magic, it’s all mechanics.”

To find out more: Go online to or call 329-3434.

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The promotional video for Andre Galvao's upcoming superfight has been released, along with the complete list of competitors. The fights will take place on October 14th, and will continue for twenty minutes or to submission. 

We will keep you updated on training and tickets as more information becomes available.  In the meantime, enjoy the promo-- lots of big names  at this fight!


galvao superfight
galvao vs gracie
galvao superfight video


The Masters and Seniors Training Camp at Galvao jiujitsu Academy. We have the training camp 9am Monday to Friday until October 6th. Our Masters (30-35 Years old) and Seniors (40 years Old and above) are training very hard for the asters and Seniors Worlds Championship by IBJJF. The Master & Seniors Worlds will be in Long Beach Ca next month in October 7th. In the way they are training we are pretty sure they will bring us back an great results.  For more info about the Camp please contact us. 

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Yesterday Andre Galvao was doing an interview for his upcoming Super Fight with Ryron Gracie at Viejas Casino in San Diego Ca October 14th. they took videos and photos of the training and Andre Galvao Lifestyle. The video will be live soon. Some of the Super fights at Viejas Casino in Octorber 14th will be:

  • ​Andre Galvao vs Riron Gracie
  • Marcos Buchecha vs Roger Gracie
  • Jeff Glover vs Caio Terra
  • Dean Lister vs Kevin Casey
  • Kron Gracie vs Otavio Souza
  • Rafael Lovato Jr vs Kayron Gracie

The Super Fights will be 20 minutes submission only. Tickets will go on sale later in September. Check back for more updates.

gracie fight
andre galvao super fight

We now have 2 Mat Areas
September 1, 2012

The Atos Jiujitsu San Diego Ca now have one more mat room space. With the new mat space we can supporting more our students and gave us much more space in our schedule. Now our kids classes are separate by 4-8 years olders and 8-12 years olders. We already start to teach our kids like that and is working very well. Each class room has at least 2 kids instructors helping them. Our Kids program is really good. Also we have our Fitness area by Suples Gym. The Fitness Space is one of the best in San Diego Ca. If you are looking for performance and better lifestyle this is the place to come. During our  kids classes the parents are working out and getting in shape like their kids as well over our Suples Fitness area. The Conditioning Classes are taught by our Coach Steve Nave. For more info about all these plans please call us and set up an intro classes for FREE! 858 292 5040 or email us. 

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2nd annivesary


With Summer coming to a close on Labor Day weekend The San Diego Galvao Jiu Jitsu Academy family ended their summer with a grand splash celebrating it's 2nd anniversary and Professor Galvao 30th birthday. The Celebration was filled with an array of games, wonderful food, cool drinks, and even a pool for the kids to enjoy. After being surprised with a cake in the shape of a Gi that donned both the ATOS and Galvao logos, Professor Galvao addressed the partygoers and thanked them for everything they have already done for him, the academy, and for all of the support they have given him throughout the past two years.

With such a momentous celebration and such a successful year for both Professor Galvao and Galvao Jiu Jitsu San Diego, the growth and possablities for the academy are seemingly endless.

So as Professor Galvao would say, "Get on the Mat and Drill To Win". 

galvao jiujitsu
2nd annivesary


We will be celebrating our second year anniversary. More info: 858 292 5040

galvao jiujitsu
2nd annivesary



Our Students will be competing in the American Nationals next weekend, September 8th and 9th. We have about 20 athletes representing the flag Galvao Jiujitsu Academy. We will be fighting under our main competition team Atos Jiujitsu. Good luck to all our warriors. 

DATE: September 8th and 9th 2012

ADDRESS: California State University Dominguez Hills
1000 E. Victoria Street
Carson, California 90747




$87.00 by 11/Aug/2012 (for registration in the Gi event only)
$99.00 by 31/Aug/2012 (for registration in the Gi event only)

$150.00 by 11/Aug/2012 (to register in both Gi and No Gi American National)
$170.00 by 31/Aug/2012 (
to register in both Gi and No Gi American National)

For more info:






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